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Meridian 71
February 13 at 7:30 p.m.
Regattabar, Cambridge, MA.
The name comes from meridian 71 west, the longitude that passes through East Boston, home of bandleader-drummer Giuseppe Paradiso. He’s led this project since 2012, and tonight celebrates the release of their second album, Metropolitan Sketches. The impressive band includes trumpeter Phil Grenadier; Mark Zaleski on saxophones and clarinet; pianist and keyboardist Utar Artun; guitarist Phil Sargent; bassist Galen Willett; Malick Ngom on sabar and West African drums; and Paradiso on drums and percussion. Paradiso characterizes the music as “a global sound with influences that range mainly from jazz and improvised music to Mediterranean and West African music traditions,” reflecting “extensive and ongoing research into various traditions and cultures. “
— Jon Garelick