Press Clipping
Two Great New Albums for your listening pleasure

Giuseppe Paradiso & Meridian 71- Metropolitan Sketches

From a very young age, Italian-born, Boston-based drummer and composer Giuseppe Paradiso always felt like a person who was a little different. He’d been exposed to many different styles of music as a serious young drummer and delved headlong into everything from flamenco music to jazz, bebop, pop and the melancholy cadences of southern Italy’s funeral marching bands that first inspired him.

His second album with Meridian 71, Metropolitan Sketches, features original compositions by Paradiso, which he performs with an eclectic and multicultural ensemble of well-established Boston-based musicians.

Meridian 71 is more than a band in concept; it's a dynamic and ever-changing musical project with a revolving lineup and a driving vision to create several more albums in upcoming years. The new album differs, both in terms of lineup and musical themes, from the project’s first release, Otherness Collection, which came out in 2012.